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Blouse – N/A
Skirt – KENZO
Shoes – N/A

110526-6546-AY:Kanna-Shibuya-Tokyo-KENZO-Keisuke Kanda-Sanrio
Saturday November 12, 2011
Saku: So cute! In Tokyo, we can buy the hello kitty purse in everywhere.
Anzu Yahagi: I like her hair and sailor collar!!!!!!! かわいい :)♪
Tara Crews: I think I kind of like this style and I know for sure my daughter would love the hello kitty purse she is wearing.


Dress – N/A
Skirt – UNIQLO
Sneakers – CONVERSE

Thursday November 10, 2011
Anzu Yahagi: @Echo77: I love it too^^♥
Echo77: This is beautiful. I love how the colors tie in together and the photography is impecable.
Anzu Yahagi: @jason: Hahaha;) Yes, Japanese girls don’t have time to sleep!


Cardigan – CCII
Blouse – Pin Cushion
Skirt – N/A
Shoes – Lily Brown

111030-5112: Mai Fujisawa-Harajuku-Tokyo-CCII-Pin Cushion-Lily Brown-Y.S.PARK
Wednesday November 9, 2011
Kjeld Duits: @Jyl: Not yet, but I am sure I will shoot Mai again. I like her style.
Jyl: she’s so cute <3 I absolutely love her style <3 do you happen by any chance have other photos of hers?
Angele: I love her shoes and her bag so much! And i agree with Melinoe, she’s such a cutie! :)


Dress – N/A
Shoes – LDS

111026-4934:Harajuku-TokyoH&M-LDS-PHYSICAL TEMPO-Vivienne Westwood
Monday November 7, 2011
Kjeld Duits: @DJ Kittie, Emma: Yes, Ayu has a very special look, doesn’t she. The green hair, the dress and the earring are outstanding.
Emma: At first her hair reminded me of Lady Gaga’s, ^ _ ^ I love the outfit though, especially her dress I think it’s elegant.
DJ Kittie: OMG! I love her earrings. She’s a doll.


Dress – southpaw
Shoes – PUMA

Sunday November 6, 2011
Kjeld Duits: @Maria: I seem to remember some hairstylists who also got free cuts, but perhaps I remember incorrectly.
Maria: @KD: I knew about the self-cuts, but it is interesting the salon scouting people, pretty cool n_n I asked because I saw it on people who was student, or sales person and not on people working for a salon, so I was wondering.
Kjeld Duits: @Emma: Yes, I thought so, too. Couldn’t stop shooting! @Maria: Actually, it is a very good question. I am glad you noticed and asked. There are usually two reasons for free haircuts. One is when people cut their own hair, this has become very common among young people in Japan. In that case it will say “(self)” or “(self-cut”) in the space for the brand. If the name of a beauty salon IS mentioned it almost always means that she works, or was scouted, as a hair model. There are lots of beauty salon scouts walking the streets of Harajuku. This is the case with Natsumi, she was scouted as a hair model and got a free hair cut. ^^


T-Shirt – Dolce & Gabbana
Skirt – N/A
Shoes – N/A

Friday November 4, 2011
Maria: With the first shot I thought: “OMG Nana from After School! o_o” I don’t know what to write, she is so pretty, she looks very good, she looks like a model. <3
Kjeld Duits: @Emma: Yuhiko has an excellent sense of style and awareness of what fits her. I was quite impressed when I shot her; it was a lot of fun and she inspired me as a photographer.
Emma: She’s so adorable, she has really nice eyes too. I’m liking her bag and Hello Kitty plushies as well. The outfit looks really well co-ordinated :)