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Cardigan – N/A
Skirt – (made by friend)

110526-6268-AY: Hirahara-Tokyo-Shibuya-kummy-TOKYO BOPPER-NUMBER406
Thursday November 17, 2011
Anzu Yahagi: かわいい Nice Pinkちゃん♪
Maria: I love the ribons in the hairsyle n_n
Maria: The Tokyo Bopper shoes are always cool :) I like the bag and the accesories on it n_n


Jacket – EMODA
Dress – EMODA
Leggings – Nomine
Shoes – R&E

111112-7933: Kika Minami-Harajuku-Tokyo-EMODA-EGOIST-SLY-Nomine-CHANEL-SHAGADELIC-R&E
Wednesday November 16, 2011
Mel: She looks absolutely amazing! The jacket and the shoes are so beautiful! Her hair is hot. This girl has style. <3
Maria: I like all they style from head to toe, but I like her hair the most.
Genesis: wow, I really love her look! really original (:


Cap – SBY
Sweater – MARPLEQ
Sneakers – COCOLULU

111112-7825: Ayaka Maruyama-Harajuku-Tokyo-SBY-MARPLEQ-COCOLULU-cross side
Tuesday November 15, 2011
Kjeld Duits: @Shoeshine: The cheap ones have created a lot of health problems in Japan, but the supposedly better ones are not safe either. We reported on unsafe color lenses way back in 2008. I would stay away from them if your eyes matter to you. It is uncool to risk loosing your eyesight by trying to be cool. ^_-
shoeshine: Ah, sincere thank you for warning me then! : ) But I guess I won’t be able to buy high quality ones here in Poland. The ones in Polish online shops are very cheap and my interpretation of that fact is that they can be of poor quality. So I have to search for foreign shop with international shipping which sells manga-like/big lenses : ) Sorry for my bad English by the way! m( ._.)m
Kjeld Duits: @shoeshine: Be careful with using them. Japanese health authorities strongly recommend against using them. There have been a lot of reports here of damaged, and lost, eyesight because of low quality lenses.


Blouse – N/A
Skirt – KENZO
Shoes – N/A

110526-6546-AY:Kanna-Shibuya-Tokyo-KENZO-Keisuke Kanda-Sanrio
Saturday November 12, 2011
Saku: So cute! In Tokyo, we can buy the hello kitty purse in everywhere.
Anzu Yahagi: I like her hair and sailor collar!!!!!!! かわいい :)♪
Tara Crews: I think I kind of like this style and I know for sure my daughter would love the hello kitty purse she is wearing.


Dress – N/A
Skirt – UNIQLO
Sneakers – CONVERSE

Thursday November 10, 2011
Anzu Yahagi: @Echo77: I love it too^^♥
Echo77: This is beautiful. I love how the colors tie in together and the photography is impecable.
Anzu Yahagi: @jason: Hahaha;) Yes, Japanese girls don’t have time to sleep!


Cardigan – CCII
Blouse – Pin Cushion
Skirt – N/A
Shoes – Lily Brown

111030-5112: Mai Fujisawa-Harajuku-Tokyo-CCII-Pin Cushion-Lily Brown-Y.S.PARK
Wednesday November 9, 2011
Kjeld Duits: @Jyl: Not yet, but I am sure I will shoot Mai again. I like her style.
Jyl: she’s so cute <3 I absolutely love her style <3 do you happen by any chance have other photos of hers?
Angele: I love her shoes and her bag so much! And i agree with Melinoe, she’s such a cutie! :)