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JAPANESE STREETS: New and improved

Kobe, March 27 2005 – JAPANESE STREETS is undergoing a lot of changes as you may have noticed.

Instead of unveiling a whole new site all at one time, we have opted for implementing small changes step by step.

This means you can expect a lot more changes over the next few months. Each step brings the site closer to where it will be a lot easier to navigate and use.

Some things that have already changed:

1. We have built a new Photo Section. It has a lot of goodies that we didn’t have before. Search for photos, search by keywords, even by the age of the model and the season. You can now also create your own favorites page to keep track of the images that you like best.

We are still moving all the photographs from the old photo section to the new photo section. This will take a few months. Please bear with us.

2. New and improved Photo Forum. Your profile now has lots of extra options. We also have put additional small photos by the same member on each individual photo page. And of course, it looks a lot better.

3. The Article Section you are in right now is brand new. It is now much easier to search and find an article. It also has become possible for anybody to contribute to JAPANESE STREETS. If you are an ambitious writer (or one in the closet…), let us know.

The Article Section allows you to donate to the author and give feedback directly and through comments below the article. This means you can influence what will be published on JAPANESE STREETS. You will be an editor with an influential voice!

4. A few months ago we added a Friend Finder, so you can make some new friends. The Friend Finder already has many tens of thousands of members! If you are not a member yet, we hope to see you there soon.

As you can see, we are busy as bees making the site better and easier. Let us know what you think. Leave some comments!