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How does the photo-archive work?

Username & Password

The photo-archive uses a different username and password from other sections.

You don’t need to register to see the photos. But when you do, you can rate the photos, add comments and create a page with your favorite photos.

Why register? This makes it easier for us to keep the comments positive and fashion-related.

Your registration confirmation will be mailed to you by e-mail, so be sure to enter a valid e-mail address.

Using the Favorites Page

After you have logged in, you can see a clickable ‘Favorite’ button (the heart) below each image. By clicking on this button, the image is added to or removed from the Favorites page. The Favorites page is kept for you after you log out for future use. The Favorites page is also called a “lightbox”.

The link to this Favorites page becomes visible after you have logged in.


There are keywords below the description of each photo. For example:

Amerika_Mura, Osaka, female, age-17, 2005, winter, 2005-winter, caps, coats, vests, blouses, shirts, skirts, bags, socks, shoes, Metamorphose, Baby_the_Stars_Shine_Bright, Antenna

These show location, city, sex, age, year, season, clothing item and brand. Click on any keyword and you will see pages full of related images.

Finding a Specific Image

You can do sophisticated searches for images by using the search box (top left of the photo section). For example, try the following:

a) “age-1*” (the asterisk after the number one is a wildcard — DON’T include the quotation marks!) — you get images of all people in their teens

b) “age-2*” — you get images of all people in their twenties

c) “age-3*” — you get images of all people in their thirties

d) “age-21 OR age-22 OR age-23 OR age-24 OR age-25” — you get images of all people in a specific age bracket. In this case 21 through 25 years old

e) “age1* AND winter-2004” — you get all images for people in their teens for the Winter of 2004

f) “age1* AND winter-2004 AND Tokyo” — you get all images for people in their teens for the Winter of 2004 in Tokyo

The possibilities are infinite. Try playing around with it using the options that would be helpful for you.

Buying Image/Video Clip Licences

You can buy a license for any image (or video) on the details page of each image or video. The image(s) or video clip(s) will be delivered by e-mail within 24 hours.


You can send e-cards of each image! Surprise friends, lovers, family members, colleagues and pets with these super cool images.