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Tokyo, May 13 2008 – Japan’s largest English-language newspaper, The Japan Times, carries an article on JAPANESE STREETS today.

The online street

With 1.2 million hits a month, the most popular English-language Web site on Japanese fashion, JapaneseStreets (www.japanesestreets.com), pulls in readers from pretty much every country on the globe, including unlikely style-wise locations such as North Korea. A source of fashion eye-candy since 2002, the site has recently had a makeover.

Shortlisted in 2003 with big industry names Style.com and SHOWstudio for a prestigious Webby Award, the site has broadened its coverage to include Japan Fashion Week, Tokyo Girls Collection and Japanese fashion directories in addition to its updates of the latest street fashion from the Kansai to Kanto regions. A veritable fashion treasure chest it features reports from Japan’s style cognoscenti. (Disclosure: Myself and fellow Style Wise writer Misha Janette are regular contributors to the site.)

In a chat with the chief editor Kjeld Duits, the Dutchman insists that despite recent police crackdowns on Akihabara cosplayers, JapaneseStreets will remain a forum and mirror of what is happening in both subversive and more mainstream fashion circles.

The online street, The Japan Times.