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rooms 28

One of Tokyo’s most important fashion exhibitions, rooms, is taking place again this week

Kjeld Duits: @Ms. Jody: Yes, very tiring, but lots of fun. ^^
Ms. Jody: The photos showing all the stalls reminds me of when I was a buyer for a clothing store and would hit Vegas twice a year for trade show called Magic. It was huge—it took up all of the Las Vegas convention center and part of the Sands hotel. Exhausting but fun. I’d do it again in heart beat if given the opportunity.



Wig – Fujitatsu
Sweater – idana
Dress – (self)
Leg Warmers – Harajuku Smile Camp
Shoes – SPINNS

Thursday February 13, 2014
Kjeld Duits: @lavyuceffe & Snowly: Yes, Horie is awesome and full of life!
Snowly: I really, really love this girl! She is so pretty and cute, and her outfits are truly wonderful))
lavyuceffe: 「She is like a multiflavored cake: provoking the thought of caries just by looking at her」

Tokyo's Club Scene under Threat

Tokyo’s club scene is under threat from an outdated law created to fight prostitution

Kjeld Duits: @Dariale: Thanks for the detailed comment. Your summary is right on the mark. For centuries, Japanese matsuri used to play the role of the temporary space where the usual rules were suspended. Actually, many of Japan’s uprisings started during a matsuri. But for young urban Japanese matsuri are mostly irrelevant, and too far in between. Will do my best to widen the scope of articles on JAPANESE STREETS to include more stories like this one. ^^
Dariale: Gorgeous documentary… I really enjoyed how it portrayed the issue which is pretty complicated, and being aware of how rigid is the social structure and morals in Japan, I never realized the social importance of clubs. So at the end of the day – or in this case, night – clubs become the space where you can free yourself of the stiffness of daily life.. it´s like Hegel wrote about carnivals, is this place where the exception happens, the rules get lost. So if you want order, you need a momentaneous space to get rid of it, break them and allow people to throw off the frustration of daily life. When dancing becomes that release, it becomes wonderful to fight for that moment. I´m not much of a dancer but love to see how people is moving to reclaim that space. And at the end, is great how it shows the fact that if goverment doesn´t change, people will find a way to keep on dancing. (Love to read this kind of stuff here in Fashion Japan, cheers from Mexico) :)
Ms. Jody: I think it’s because dancing is never just dancing. It’s steeped in cultural significance and that resonates in the shared world consciousness. It invokes emotions, translates ideas, and can be used to bring people together or divide them. It causes a very primal response and that’s why dancing (and music too) has been viewed as something that needs to be controlled.

No Dancing


Shirt – BPN
Coat – Putumayo
Pants (barely visible) – Forever21
Boots – N/A

Wednesday February 12, 2014
Kjeld Duits: @R: Yes, the Putumayo coat is a beauty. Glad you like the makeup so much, Noel puts a lot of time and attention into it.
R: Noel’s makeup is beautiful. I appreciate how she paid attention to shadows and blending. I also love the garnet-coloured double breasted velvet coat. so luxurious! w
Kjeld Duits: @Zjonni & Myz: Thank you very much for defending Noel and her beautiful creation. But when somebody in the sandbox starts to throw sand let’s not throw sand back. Let’s catch the sand and build a beautiful castle with it. ^_- ♥♥♥


T-Shirt – N/A
Tights – N/A
Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell

Thursday January 30, 2014
arika nico: @Ms.Jody: Thank you very much! ☆⌒∀⌒☆
Ms. Jody: @Kjeld: Thanks for passing that along! @Arika: You’re welcome and your designs are very fun!
arika nico: Thank you, Ms.Jody. I like Lisa Frank. (^_-)-☆