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Coat – Comme des Garçons tricot
Shirt – Pile of Trash
Pants – N/A
Shoes – Comme des Garçons

Friday May 22, 2015
Kjeld Duits: @Accidental Icon & Ms. Jody: Thank you. I deliberately don’t shoot shoes from above because they almost always look best from the side. But perhaps I should make some exceptions sometimes…
Ms. Jody: Love the coat and the shoes look really interesting. Would like to get a better look at the top of the shoes but couldn’t find them on line. The model has a great smile too.
Accidental Icon: Love the shoes, the brand and everything about the way you present the looks, especially the color chart.


Dress – H&M Alexander Wang
Gloves – H&M Alexander Wang
Shoes – Nike

Wednesday May 20, 2015
Ms. Jody: There is so much awesome here I can’t even describe it. Old school New Wave with contemporary touches. Love it.
Kjeld Duits: @Joe, Monik, Lord Stardust: Yuri’s style has developed so much since I first photographed her; it is a delight to see.
Lord Stardust: This is out of this world! I can’t even begin to describe how much I LOVE this look! I’m in dire need of this outfit=) I guess it’s not only John Titor who can travel across time ^_-


Sweater – Perfect Plan
Shorts – N/A
Tights – Outdoor
Shoes – Adidas

Sunday May 17, 2015
VeryBerry: What in the flipping heck, that is the coolest outfit I have ever seen. He must be very confident! Or am I mistaken, and this is actually on the more tame side of the spectrum for that area?