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Shirt – N/A
Shoes – (self-made)

111103-5822:Masayoshi-Shibuya-Tokyo-NINCOM POOP CAPACITY-eatable of many orders-LIM CODE
Monday November 14, 2011
dean: hella sweet, thank you, ignore the fools whining bout the fur thingo, they are wrong. you scored, thank you
Kjeld Duits: @Vaihere: I sometimes wear leather shoes, I have a leather wallet, and I eat fish, chicken and eggs. I also enjoy watching movies (the film used in movies contains gelatin derived from the collagen inside animals’ skin and bones). As I “sin” myself, I feel that I have no right to judge others.
Vaihere: That fur with animal face is disgusting, no matter it’s false fur… It’s a lack of respect and put fur as a normal thing to wear…


Jacket – N/A
Pants – UNIQLO
Shoes – banal chic bizzarre

111103-5816:Naoto-Shibuya-Tokyo-UNIQLO-banal chic bizzarre-YOSHiKO-LORINZA-Olympus
Sunday November 13, 2011
Maria: He looks like a Matrix character, so cool and attractive! <3 I love that necklace!
DJ Kittie: He’s like the Japanese Karl Lagerfeld! :]
jaderdavila pajama as streetwear: naoto is fantastic. i simply love his style.


Blouse – N/A
Skirt – KENZO
Shoes – N/A

110526-6546-AY:Kanna-Shibuya-Tokyo-KENZO-Keisuke Kanda-Sanrio
Saturday November 12, 2011
Saku: So cute! In Tokyo, we can buy the hello kitty purse in everywhere.
Anzu Yahagi: I like her hair and sailor collar!!!!!!! かわいい :)♪
Tara Crews: I think I kind of like this style and I know for sure my daughter would love the hello kitty purse she is wearing.


Jacket – N/A
Skirt – N/A
Boots – Jeffrey Campbell

Friday November 11, 2011
Anzu Yahagi: 彼はスタイルもキャラクターもNICEでした :)
Kjeld Duits: I agree with the manly thing; Kentaro has used his outfit really well. The skirt looks totally natural on him. I think it is difficult to find a skirt that looks good on men because the colors, designs and patterns are usually designed for a female body with a female wardrobe.
Maria: @derek: I love it too! <3


Dress – N/A
Skirt – UNIQLO
Sneakers – CONVERSE

Thursday November 10, 2011
Anzu Yahagi: @Echo77: I love it too^^♥
Echo77: This is beautiful. I love how the colors tie in together and the photography is impecable.
Anzu Yahagi: @jason: Hahaha;) Yes, Japanese girls don’t have time to sleep!

Color on the Street: Autumn Red

We are seeing a lot of red on the streets of Harajuku. Beautiful deep reds that remind you of an Autumn twilight.

Anzu Yahagi: @Lactose Intoler-Art: Yes, Deep red is most fashionable color in Tokyo this fall ;)
Lactose Intoler-Art: This color palette is sooo accurate (just in my opinion) as far as there being a color that a lot of people are wearing. Im seeing it in HUGE amounts in Tokyo this fall all over the place!

110913-0468:Color on the Street: Autumn Red