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Sweater – Drug Honey

111103-6348: Michie-Shibuya-Tokyo-alice auaa-Drug Honey-THANK YOU MART-TOKYO BOPPER-Jean Paul Gaultier
Monday November 28, 2011
Kjeld Duits: @Maria: Thank YOU for your support.
Maria: Jean Paul Gaultier <33 She is stunning. Really beautiful. Love her hair. Thanks for your work KD and Anzu (n_n)
Kjeld Duits: @Monik: Michie somehow reminds me of a modern Asian version of the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland. It is awesome what she achieved while mainly using black.


Coat – (used)
Sandals – Jeffrey Campbell

111103-6399: comari-mariko-Shubuya-Tokyo-cocoon-Jeffrey Campbell
Sunday November 27, 2011
Carey: I love JC shoes!
Kjeld Duits: @Maria: I will ask Mariko about the flowers and lace when I run into her next time. ^_-
Maria: @KD: I remembered a Mariko, then I thought: “mmm maybe it is because of the idol Mariko…, no, I do remember a Mariko here in JS, well, I’ll ask.” (n_n”) In fact, I felt like it wasn’t last year but this year. xD She stills uses flowers and lace, maybe that is her signature ;)


Sweater – ZARA
Skirt – (used)
Boots – WASH

111103-6372:Riko-Shibuya-Tokyo-luna hair-ZARA-WASH-n°11-note et silence
Sunday November 27, 2011
Kjeld Duits: @Carey: WASH is a brand of the Washington chain of shoe stores. Washington has a web shop, but I was unable to find WASH branded shoes on it. Perhaps you can find shoes that you like nonetheless. However, I don’t know if they ship abroad. And the site is in Japanese only…
Carey: Does WASH hava a website for their boots? If not, where can I find them online?
Kjeld Duits: @Theo: I always asked to see their phone and shot it as a part of the whole look. Once in a while there was a phone that I had already shot several times, but that was not a big issue. Because now at least half of the people have iPhones, I find it a bit rude to ask to see their phone and then not to shoot it. As iPhone cases become more creative, I might be able to get back to shooting phones again. Although, I’d be shooting mostly cases instead of phones!


Jacket – (used)
Shirt – (used)
Skirt – H&M
Boots – ANAP

111103-6272: ayon-asato-yoshida-H&M-ANAP
Saturday November 26, 2011
Kjeld Duits: @Sunnie: Ayon’s character is probably even more colorful than Kyary’s. She was a lot of fun to shoot!
Sunnie: She kind of looks like Kyary, but a bit older. Cute!
Maria: @KD: I am a big fan of Chanel, both Coco and Karl n_n


Coat – N/A
Skirt – 6%DOKIDOKI

111103-6242:Kumamiki-Harajuku-Tokyo-NUMBER406-6%DOKIDOKI-TOKYO BOPPER-ShojonoTomo-SPINNS-party baby-Vivienne Westwood
Saturday November 26, 2011
Maria: @KD: Really? Then it’s great :D It was something to expect, most of the time she is wearing just those two brands n_n’
Kjeld Duits: @Maria: No ants. But also no Fairy Kei. I met Kumamiki at the Harajuku Fashion Walk today and took lots of photos of her again. This time, she was dressed in Fairy Kei, as usual. By the way, I believe that Kumamiki already does something with 6%DOKIDOKI.
Maria: @KD: Really? More ants on her make-up? :D Interesting, I am curious now. ^^ Btw, have you told her to launch a clothing line hand-to-hand with 6%dokidoki, it would be a blast. <3


Jacket – Christopher Nemeth
Pants – Christopher Nemeth
Sneakers – Reebok

111103-6183: Yoshimiki-Shibuya-Tokyo-UNIQLO-Christopher Nemeth-Reebok-AMBUSH-NINCOM POOP CAPACITY-BLONDE CIGARETTES
Friday November 25, 2011
Kjeld Duits: @Maria: I have always loved the name NINCOMPOOP CAPACITY, as well. That takes some very creative thinking to come up with. And I love it when brands don’t take them too seriously and are able to call themselves fools. I wonder how many of the customers are aware of the meaning.
Maria: First time I really like Reebok. AMBUSH! I love that brand. <3 Talking about brands, the hat’s brand name is reaaally funny but still cool ;) I like all the brands he is wearing >_<
Kjeld Duits: @Lactose Intoler-Art: I thought the Nemeth shop closed? At least their site is down.