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Jeans Revolution

The Japanese Jeans Revolution took place in a seemingly unlikely place, far away from Japan’s fashion capital Tokyo

Kjeld Duits: @Tragic Angel: Thank you.
Tragic Angel: Yay Osaka! We need more photos and fash news on Osaka. Luv Osaka and it simply doesn’t seem to get the respect and notice it so richly deserves overseas [or so it seems]. Thank you for doing this. As always, your pictures are a delight to peruse.

101104-6463 - Washed denim jackets at a Kouritsu factory in Okayama, STUDIO D’ARTISAN’s owner

Photo Essay • Nari Yamashina 3

Last year around the time that the tsunami took place Japanese photographer Nari Yamashina sent me some photos. Finally ready to publish them!


Jacket – N/A
Top – N/A
Boots – N/A

Tuesday January 3, 2012
Kjeld Duits: @MissMolly. I love NANA. You made me laugh about the two Nana’s rolled into one here.
MissMolly: Yeah it’s almost like a rock “gal” outfit. Like the jeans a lot. You’re right, it’s quite different from what you normally shoot. Have you ever heard of NANA? Because it seems like if you combined the styles of those two girls in the series, this is what you’d get haha
childrens jackets: I really love the outfit. It really rocks!

New Year Celebrations at Tokyo's Largest Shrine

JAPANESE STREETS went for a look at the New Year Celebrations at Meiji Jingu, Tokyo’s largest Shinto shrine

120101-2125: Japanese New Year at Meiji Jingu shrine in Tokyo, Japan


Jacket – Heritage Stone
Shorts – Levi’s
Shoes – N/A

111112-6721-AY: Japanese street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo (Phoenix, Heritage Stone, Levi's)
Monday January 2, 2012
Carey: That sucks! (–) I love them…..
Kjeld Duits: @Carey: So sorry, even Mika herself was not able to tell us…
Carey: Can someone please let me know what brand those stockings/tights are? Email me –


Dress – (self-made)
Cardigan – N/A
Tights – AHCAHCUM.muchacha

111119-9159: Japanese street fashion in Taito, Tokyo (hair dressing room 331, AHCAHCUM, BELLY BUTTON, Collection Privèe, aabab, Kenichi Kondo)
Sunday January 1, 2012
Kjeld Duits: @ela: Next week I’ll be publishing a video interview with Gon. I taped it over two sessions in June and August last year and finally finished editing yesterday. Still have to edit and upload the accompanying photos. I think you will like, Gon’s charming personality really shines bright in it.
ela: @Kjeld: Cool, thanks for the link! I’ve seen some of Gon’s work here before.
joyanu: nice collection