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Jacket – N/A
Dress – N/A
Zori – N/A

110526-6580-AY: Japanese street fashion in Shibuya, Tokyo
Wednesday January 11, 2012
joyanu: very nice and well
Kjeld Duits: @Maria. Could be. I am pretty sure it is the first time that we shot Azu.
Maria: I am pretty sure I have seen Azu before. Maybe in other street fashion page. I like the outfit, very cute and winter-like. I especially like the Sailor Moon pin and the skirt :)


Cardigan – 6%DOKIDOKI
Skirt – N/A
Shoes – N/A

111127-1577: Japanese street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo (LOOP, 6%DOKIDOKI, Hanjiro)
Tuesday January 10, 2012
joyanu: very nice baby look
Kjeld Duits: @Echo77: Thank you! @Maria: She left her bag and coat inside (we were at a party).
Maria: She has no bag. Just her phone. Interesting. I like all her accesories, from the hat to the rings. Those legwarmers are very cute. ^ _ ^

Happy New Year in Harajuku

Last week-end, I got together with Kumamiki and friends to celebrate the New Year

Kjeld Duits: @Joanna: I see that you just started your bog. Congratulations! We are looking forward to seeing your Harajuku-inspired looks.
Joanna: Oh, I love it so much and would love to create a look inspired by Harajuku. Please take a look at my outfits:

120107-2612: Japanese street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo


Sweater – N/A
Shorts – N/A
Shoes – N/A

Monday January 9, 2012
Kjeld Duits: @Jocelyn: Yes, a very honest and down-to-earth face, don’t you think?
Jocelyn: She’s to cute! And she didn’t cake on her makeup like a lot of them do with the coverup cream. She’s got a great smile! —-Jocelyn
Kjeld Duits: @MissMolly: I prefer the natural look myself. Especially when I date someone—don’t want unexpected surprises early in the morning. LOL


Jacket – N/A
Top – N/A
Skirt – N/A
Shoes – N/A

111112-8023: Japanese street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo (Chanel)
Sunday January 8, 2012
Lady: Nice shoes!)
Kjeld Duits: @MissMolly: Oh, I love Yuko’s eyelashes, too. And her hair.
MissMolly: Not too crazy about the blzer or the shoes, but everything else I really like. Especially her eyelashes- those look crazy good.


Hat – N/A
Dress – N/A
Shoes – N/A

Saturday January 7, 2012
Kjeld Duits: @cierra: Me too. Mary’s wig is amazing.
cierra: Her wig looks like it’s from the anime Panty and Stocking. I love it!
Kjeld Duits: @Echo77: Here is a Google Streetview from the same location.