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Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell

Thursday January 30, 2014
arika nico: @Ms.Jody: Thank you very much! ☆⌒∀⌒☆
Ms. Jody: @Kjeld: Thanks for passing that along! @Arika: You’re welcome and your designs are very fun!
arika nico: Thank you, Ms.Jody. I like Lisa Frank. (^_-)-☆

21st Harajuku Fashion Walk

This year’s very first Harajuku Fashion Walk!

Kjeld Duits: @Kisa: She is a single mother dating Shin.
Kisa: Who are those persons that are wearing mostly black, and one has a bit blue in their hair and they have two kids?
Kjeld Duits: @Emmagination: I’m not sure I know whom you’re talking about… Can you point her out in the top group photo?


Japanese Company Turns Font Types into Glasses

A Japanese company has designed glasses based on famous fonts

Kjeld Duits: @Emma: Glad you like them, Emma. I am a glasses person myself and these designs inspire me. I hope they lead to more exciting designs (at affordable prices).
Emma: Gah! These are so cool! I’d love a pair of the clear frames. It’s hard to find glasses that are simple yet sleek; most are covered with logos, ick.

Glasses from Japan inspired by fond types

Bunka Fashion College Fashion Contest

Today, the venerable Bunka Fashion College Fashion Contest took place. JAPANESE STREETS was there to photograph the winners

Kjeld Duits: @fatcatinthehat: I would buy that. ^^
fatcatinthehat: That glowing backpack by Naotoshi Seki stole my heart. Awesome design!
appletoad: Wow, some of those are pretty wild!


The dark avant-gardist romanticism of alice auaa

JAPANESE STREETS interviews designer Yasutaka Funakoshi of alice auaa, one of Japan’s coolest underground fashion brands

Kjeld Duits: @Julia: She is one of Funakashi’s most important assistants. I actually don’t know if she has twitter…
Julia: who’s the girl with the big black hair? she wouldn’t happen to have twitter or something similar? super cool anyway.
Kjeld Duits: @Karol: Glad you like Funakoshi’s style, Karol!

Yasutaka Funakoshi of alice auaa

Happy New Year 2014!

JAPANESE STREETS wishes you the very best for 2014

Christina: Happy New Year!
Kimi: Happy New Year to you too!
Mögel: Happy New Year :)

Happy New Year 2014