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Visitors at Tokyo Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2014

While shooting the fashion shows last week JAPANESE STREETS also shot a few of the visitors

Kjeld Duits: @Angelique: Thanks! @Maria: Haha, yes, Anri’s style is very animesque, isn’t it!
Maria: ANRI looks like out of an anime! Not to mention that he looks like a really nice person ^^
Angelique: These pictures are amazing!


23rd Harajuku Fashion Walk

Another Harajuku Fashion Walk, with more participants than ever

Kjeld Duits: @The Street Style Carousel: Thanks!
The Street Style Carousel: I always love seeing your photographs from the walk, there’s such a wonderfully inspiring range of styles!
Kjeld Duits: @Manana & R.E.M.: Thank you for your kind words. We did indeed all have a lot of fun!