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Thursday March 29, 2012
Beer Pong Hungary: wow! what a phone bag!
Igny: @Kjeld: Oh that’s quite sad. But thanks for saying!
Kjeld Duits: @Igny: No idea… The company that made this bag, SHIN&COMPANY, unfortunately closed its doors.


Wednesday March 28, 2012
Anthology Hermosa Bch Boutique: We are in Hermosa Beach, California, photographing models with our Spring / Summer line, online looking for ideas and love the wild colors here on your site. Way to go japan! Wild!
Kjeld Duits: @Maria: You always have an amazing memory.
Maria: I have seen that shirt on Vani! ^^ I looove the jacket, I would wear it even if it’s not cold <3


Bonnet – ALICE and the PIRATES
Dress – ALICE and the PIRATES
Blouse – ALICE and the PIRATES
Boots – ALICE and the PIRATES

120325-7102: Japanese street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo (ALICE and the PIRATES, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT)
Tuesday March 27, 2012
Kjeld Duits: @Nyurah: Thanks!
Nyurah: @Kjeld: Yes, that’s quite understanable :) And because she has a rather decent look that probably even would have been weird, you trying to take a shot of her tights….^^ Anyway, good job on the rest!
Kjeld Duits: @Nyurah: Yes, I should have taken a good shot of the print. I actually thought of it. But as Maya’s skirt spreads out quite a bit I felt rather self-conscious crouching on the street shooting so low…


Minori is wearing a kimono, but without the obi

Tuesday March 27, 2012
Kjeld Duits: @Yucef: LOL I understand. That’s one cute piggy!
Yucef: Minori’s as nice a person as she looks, good thing she’s in Japan though, my cousin would kill to lay her hands on that piggy. (>.<)
MissMolly: Cult party kei- love it. I already wear lots of long pastel skirts- maybe I can work some of this into my own wardrobe!


Shirt – My Shirt
T-Shirt – Anbil
Shorts – N/A
Pants – N/A
Sneakers – NIKE

120325-7014: Japanese street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo (My Shirt, Anbil, NIKE)
Monday March 26, 2012
Hiroshi(BuCCI): @Sha-Sonja Wilson:I’m glad to hear that!! From now on, Try hard about fashion. Thank you!!
Kjeld Duits: @Sha-Sonja Wilson: Thank you!
Sha-Sonja Wilson: this pic makes me happy. thank u Butti-san for expressing yourself!

9th Harajuku Fashion Walk

The 9th Harajuku Fashion Walk took place today. JAPANESE STREETS was there

Kjeld Duits: @Jasmin: Thanks!
Jasmin: love your blog! jasmin
Kjeld Duits: @Alicia: Next year? They are organized almost every other month, so it should be easy. Follow the Harajuku Fashion Walk Blog (their official site is down for right now). The blog is in Japanese, but announcements of the HFW are usually easy to decipher even if you don’t read Japanese.