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Friday June 22, 2012
Kjeld Duits: @petitesam: I have no idea where Noriko got her back. As it is a very old series, so she most probably got it at a used clothing store. Originally, this would probably have been sold at KIDDY LAND and similar stores. I will keep my eyes open. ^^ As
petitesam: So many great things. I love the necklace, that also has a bit of a Sailor Senshi vibe to it ;) Any idea where she found her bag? I searched and searched for the semester I was in Japan, but the only thing Sailor Moon related I found was a Gameboy game (which I understood little to none of)..
Kjeld Duits: @Laura Haslam: Sometimes, the people don’t have enough time. At other times there are many cool people in a short period and I want to shoot as many as possible, so I skip data collection. I always contact the people for the data afterwards, but some don’t respond, the contact data turned out to be incorrect, or the spam filters are too zealous.


120503-3929: POP 'N' CUTE Party in Shibuya, Tokyo
Thursday June 21, 2012
Nyurah: love her hair. And I love the fact that more and more masks are showing up. Especially cool ones like hers :)
Lauren: This is really an amazing look!
Liza: Her hair is so gorgeous!<3


Wednesday June 20, 2012
Nyurah: It’s great how you can find a little bit of every colour she used in almost every single piece of her outfit…. I think it would take me a loooong time to do the same thing with my wardrobe…^^
Laura Haslam: Her tights are so awesome and graphic, yet they don’t clash or distract from the outfit at all!
nora: Its funny to see her in a totally different look. Here she is super kawaii and fairy kei and on the other photo she showes up with a more goth like but still refined style.


Tuesday June 19, 2012
Kjeld Duits: @Dörrie Banana: Thanks! I just shot a series of night shots. ^^ Coming soon!
Dörrie Banana: I thought so. Well, keep up the good work ^^ You’re really making great photos! Though I’d love to see more night shots :-)
Kjeld Duits: @Dörrie Banana: Thank you for your detailed comment, and your nice words about this shoot. During many of the night shoots I was actually at a live event where I ask people to come outside. Beforehand, I scout for the best places in the neighborhood to do the shoot.


Monday June 18, 2012
TANASHA: I love this outfit! very relaxed and so Western style.
fashioncherry: Loving the jeans and blazer! This is an awesome post.
Larissa: I love that the picture is taken by night, black suits her really well.


Sunday June 17, 2012
Kjeld Duits: @Dörrie Banana: Yes, I was really impressed too how Saruta managed to combine two striped items and make it look this good.
Dörrie Banana: Ahh stripes… I love them. And I love big size Blazers or jackets. I find it hard to integrate stripes into an outfit. But she even managed to match two pieces with stripes in one outfit! Once again, I’m so impressed by the fashion sense of people. The different colours somehow all work out together, since they all ``occupy´´ one part of the body. It’s colourfull, but not too much. I like it a lot. Not to mention the nice little accesoires like the orange earring, the hairband and really (!) awesome clock. I’d wished you would had made a close shot from that .. :( But thanks for the pictures and your hard work anyway, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have a thing to complain about in the first place ;-)
Valerie Fujita: Yes, the mix of stripes works great. And the t-shirt is awesome. That’s what I call a sense of coolness. I would love to be able to dress up that way.