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Hat – Triple Fortune
Dress – Angelic Pretty
Blouse – Metamorphose
Arm Covers – Massaging Capsule

120624-9128 - Japanese street fashion in Sangenjaya, Tokyo (PRISILA, Triple Fortune, Angelic Pretty, Metamorphose, QUEEN BEE, Venice no Shonin, Mariwest, Massaging Capsule)
Saturday June 23, 2012
どーり: スゴイ!
mary : Thank you for designer of Massaging Cupsele, comment! I have two kinds of black and the off-white. It is easy to coordinate and wears it well!!
massaging capsule : Wow! Thanks for wearing our Arm corsets! Looking fabulous….!


Friday June 22, 2012
Kjeld Duits: @petitesam: I have no idea where Noriko got her back. As it is a very old series, so she most probably got it at a used clothing store. Originally, this would probably have been sold at KIDDY LAND and similar stores. I will keep my eyes open. ^^ As
petitesam: So many great things. I love the necklace, that also has a bit of a Sailor Senshi vibe to it ;) Any idea where she found her bag? I searched and searched for the semester I was in Japan, but the only thing Sailor Moon related I found was a Gameboy game (which I understood little to none of)..
Kjeld Duits: @Laura Haslam: Sometimes, the people don’t have enough time. At other times there are many cool people in a short period and I want to shoot as many as possible, so I skip data collection. I always contact the people for the data afterwards, but some don’t respond, the contact data turned out to be incorrect, or the spam filters are too zealous.


120503-3929: POP 'N' CUTE Party in Shibuya, Tokyo
Thursday June 21, 2012
Nyurah: love her hair. And I love the fact that more and more masks are showing up. Especially cool ones like hers :)
Lauren: This is really an amazing look!
Liza: Her hair is so gorgeous!<3


Wednesday June 20, 2012
Nyurah: It’s great how you can find a little bit of every colour she used in almost every single piece of her outfit…. I think it would take me a loooong time to do the same thing with my wardrobe…^^
Laura Haslam: Her tights are so awesome and graphic, yet they don’t clash or distract from the outfit at all!
nora: Its funny to see her in a totally different look. Here she is super kawaii and fairy kei and on the other photo she showes up with a more goth like but still refined style.


Tuesday June 19, 2012
Kjeld Duits: @Dörrie Banana: Thanks! I just shot a series of night shots. ^^ Coming soon!
Dörrie Banana: I thought so. Well, keep up the good work ^^ You’re really making great photos! Though I’d love to see more night shots :-)
Kjeld Duits: @Dörrie Banana: Thank you for your detailed comment, and your nice words about this shoot. During many of the night shoots I was actually at a live event where I ask people to come outside. Beforehand, I scout for the best places in the neighborhood to do the shoot.


Monday June 18, 2012
TANASHA: I love this outfit! very relaxed and so Western style.
fashioncherry: Loving the jeans and blazer! This is an awesome post.
Larissa: I love that the picture is taken by night, black suits her really well.