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Wednesday May 13, 2015
Kjeld Duits: @Yoel: Yes, Sachi knows her stuff!
Yoel: Sachi always has perfect outfits :) I just love her style so much! I would copy off her too!!


Tuesday May 12, 2015
Yoel: I love this elegant dress! The red dress and head piece work so well with the white lace stockings! :)
kevingenest150318: Hi there! There were many months ago, I would have no idea about the variety of Japanese trends in Japanese fashion. I was seeing traditional clothes as the main trend in Japanese fashion, but I realized quite later how much beautiful these beautiful pieces of clothes were on an actual Japanese. And I see your today’s photograph is showing off the expected aesthetics to my sense so that certainly I may ever make clear the distinction between my early reference to Japanese fashion in contemplating the Japanese trends in fashion. Thank you.


Monday May 11, 2015
Kjeld Duits: @bigm: Yes, truly incredible.
bigm: @Kjeld Duits: It surely takes a lot of skill to create a look like that. It’s very interesting how the people manage to mix so many colors and patterns.
Kjeld Duits: @Yoel: Zenchun would consider it a compliment, I’m sure. By the way, I completely deleted the other comment, as requested.

Japanese Interest in Harajuku has Skyrocketed!

Japanese language searches for Harajuku at highest point ever…


Saturday May 9, 2015
Ms. Jody: “Almost naughty” describes her grin well. I was originally going to use a word with similar meaning, but I’m concerned it may be a regionalism and could be misunderstood, so I decided against including the term altogether. Anyway, I was trying to say something along the lines of “playfully mischievous.”
Kjeld Duits: @Ms. Jody: Yes, Nile can have a really lovely, almost naughty, grin sometimes. Glad that I was able to capture it. This time, Nile was inspired by the look of Oiran, the high class courtesans of old Japan.
Ms. Jody: The traditional clothing – the colors, texture of the fabrics and how they drape – really suit her. Plus she has the cutest grin in the first photo. My compliments to both the model and photographer.