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By Kjeld Duits

Romantic Fairy Tale Clothes in a Tokyo Park

JAPANESE STREETS takes a look at the romantic fairytale like world of Etsuna Otsuka

Kjeld Duits: @Clémence: Thank you. The model on the swing is Kokoru Kin. I have photographed her several times on the street, and knew she was a model. But it was still a surprise to discover her, and another person I shot on the streets before, at yesterday’s shoot. ^^
Clémence: this shoot is beautiful and i love the style so much! i love the picture with the model on the swing. it’s very relaxing!

Reiko models APOLIA - Behind the Scenes of a Fashion Shoot

Japanese fashion model Reiko Watanabe models the modern elegant kawaii creations of Japanese designer Aya Fujisaki

APOLIA by Japanese designer Aya Fujisaki

Pretty Prints for a Perfect Picture

I see lots of abstract symmetrical prints, in bright and cheerful colors. A trend that seems to be inspired by the 50s and 60s

Kjeld Duits: Anybody else who is reminded of the Mod fashion of 1960s Carnaby Street? Twiggy and all that?
Kat: Such pretty prints that helps you pop in any busy and crowded spot. I sooo love Japanese street fashion. More power to your blog. Love love love it soooo much! Cheers!!! :D

DESIGN FESTA - Tokyo's Fest for Creativity - DAY 2

JAPANESE STREETS visited the second day of DESIGN FESTA

Kjeld Duits: @Séverin: Very cool that you recognized Megumi and remember her name, Séverin!
Séverin: It’s nice to see Megumi Aihara again. She looks amazing, as usual!!
Kjeld Duits: @Michihiro Matsuoka: 誠にありがとうございます。

DESIGN FESTA - Tokyo's Fest for Creativity - DAY 1

DESIGN FESTA boasts it’s Asia’s largest art event. We believe them…

kawai iwatsugu(Ujisairinndou): 掲載、有難う御座います。 綺麗に撮影して頂いて嬉しいです。
Kjeld Duits: @Myz: Glad I was able to inspire you, Myz. If you contact Makoto Nagaoka through his site, I am sure he will ship you any of his shoes you would like to purchase.
Myz: Oh my God there are so many beautiful and inspiring artworks!!! oOo I would pay any amount of money for those Dwarf shoes and as always I adored alll the outfits! Especially the girl in the school girl outfit, leather bunny ears and gas mask.