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By Kjeld Duits

28th Harajuku Fashion Walk

This year’s last Harajuku Fashion Walk took place in an extremely crowded Harajuku…

Kjeld Duits: @Monik: The HFW is open to anyone.
(: Monik :): I see many foreigners on those photographs. How is that possible? Can anyone join Harajuku Fashion Walks? :)


Harness – Comme des Garçons
Sweater – UNIQLO
Pants – Comme des Garçons
Shoes – Dr.Martens

Thursday November 20, 2014
Kjeld Duits: Ms. Jody: Thanks. Glad you like it. I think it combines several recent trends in a fun way.
Ms. Jody: Totally dig this look.

Designer Interview : - Unreal Reality

To Japanese artists and designers Eri Yoshida and Ami Yamashiro, the real world feels very unreal. They express that in their beautiful creations…


Thursday October 30, 2014
Bala: I wish I knew where he bought his jacket!


Thursday October 30, 2014
maya luna: i miss japan. i lived in yokohama for 3 yrs.. waaaaaa all their fashion designers are brilliant!
NeuNeu: Yes her sweater is extraordinary! :D but all and most Japanese people don’t dress as creatively as her. There are lots of fashion styles and outfits from all over the world like England, America and Brazil that will really blow you AWAY!
Leo Sigh: Wow, I love that sweater. From a distance, it looks like just an average sweater but then when you see the detail on the design it’s absolutely gorgeous. LOVE the way the Japanese dress, btw. So many cool styles you don’t see anywhere else :)